Key Ceremony

On Friday January 12th we held “The Keys to a New Beginning” ceremony for Bradley Wells, 208 CARES first Recipient of an adapted home!

After over 2 years of planning and donations from businesses and members of the community, 208 CARES presented their first adaptive home to an Idaho Veteran, Bradley Wells.

The recipient Bradley Wells grew up with a dream of joining the United States Air Force. His dedication was realized after high school when Bradley was accepted into the USAF as a Security Forces member where he served at the notorious Camp Bucca detention facility located near the Kuwait-Iraq border but the pressure cooker of extremism, violence and brutality took its toll. Bradley’s story is just one of thousands of military vets who suffer from PTSD. He has made it his life mission to help others heal from the emotional damage caused by PTSD in and out of war.

Thank you to everyone who participated!